Stationery Lists

Stationery Lists
Stationery lists go out at the end of the year with the End of Year Report to enable families to buy their child's stationery over the holiday period. NB: There are some items which can only be purchased at school. Please place stationery orders on an envelope along with the pupil's name and the appropriate amount of money enclosed, and send to the School Office.

Please find below links to the stationery lists for each classroom for 2016:

NEW ENTRANTS/YEARS 0 & 1: Room 6: Mrs Cole & Mrs Boyle 

YEAR 1: (Room 1): Mrs Vulu

YEAR 2: (Room 1): Mrs Vulu

YEAR 2: (Room 2): Mrs Campbell

YEAR 3 & 4: (Rooms 7, 8, 9): Mrs Dailly, Mrs Jones and Mr Hobbis

YEAR 5 & 6: (Rooms 10, 11, 12): Mrs Hunter/Mrs Poland, Mrs Williams and Ms Maraku

YEAR 7 & 8 (Rooms 4 and 5): Mrs Challands and Mrs Banks/Mrs Dobbelaar