When students are absent, the school must be informed, by phone 04 939 1909 by email or using the Absence link at the top of this web page by 9:10am at the latest, as teachers record in their register, children’s presence within the first 10 minutes of class. We are always concerned by unexplained absences.

Office staff follow up on any child unaccounted for. Where an absence is planned in advance, parents must seek permission from the Principal in writing.

Please indicate by letter or phone if routine arrangements change e.g. change of person picking up your child, or not catching usual bus etc. If you wish to remove your child during the day for an appointment, please ensure they are signed out on the register at the office and that their teacher is aware.

Bus Service

Buses ‘drop off‘ and ‘pick up‘ from Whitemans Valley and the local bus runs to Silverstream and Pinehaven. Children are ‘marked on’ (if using this service) as they get on the buses AFTER school.

Please notify us if normal routines change.

Contact: Tranzit Coachlines ph 04 3872028 for information regarding bus routes and fees.

Road Patrol

Trained Road Patrol students and an adult supervisor are on duty on Sutherland Avenue and Palmer Crescent from 8:30am to 8:50am and 2:45pm to 3:10pm.

After School Care

Aboutkidz Oscar, an on-site before and after school care is available. Contact Sarah Thomson on ph 027 616 0235.



We ask that parents communicate with all members of the school respectfully in keeping with our school values.

We expect that when people have queries or concerns, they should be direct in their approach with an intention for constructive resolution.

Please contact the classroom teacher in the initial instance. Teachers are available before school from 8:30 – 8:55am and after school when they do not already have planned meetings . If a private meeting is required or one where reasonable discussion is required, please make an appointment.


Healthy lunches are available online daily through through Lunchonline on Wednesdays (from Sushi Planet) & Fridays (from Pita Pit).

Click the Lunchonline link above to view the menus.
Please make your order before 9am.

Medical Health

Students who require medication to be taken at school regardless of how frequent, are requested to complete a school Medication/Health Agreement each year.

Medication Agreement Form

Public Health Nurse ph 570 91 96.

Dental Nurse – BeeHealthy Health Service ph 0800 82 55 83.

Annual Report

2019 Annual Report & Financial Statements and Unqualified Audit Report